Who We are:

TCTELA conference 2019
San Antonio

Hi, I’m Cheylyn. Welcome to our blog.
I’ve considered myself a writer since age eight–that was when I was introduced to creative writing and realized I had a real knack for it. I would carry that love of words and creativity throughout the rest of my life. I now spend my time trying to convey that love to students as a high school English teacher.
Outside of that, I’m a mother and a wife. I travel every chance I get, and I usually plan those travels around food. I use yoga to keep me centered, and spin to lift my spirits. I’m fueled by coffee, wine, and chocolate. I believe life is too short to be anything less than happy and thankful.

Hello! I’m Bridget! I am so glad you’ve chosen to spend your time with us.
I have been in love with all things literacy and education for as long as I can remember. Books have been my constant friends and confidants. They’ve taken me through the amazing times and the tough times, teaching me to be the light in the darkness and helping me to handle the madness. To share that gift with students and teachers has been the greatest of honors. I am proof that literacy and education can change a person’s destiny in the best ways.
Along with being an instructional coach, I am a mother to one adorable, book-loving little boy and a wife to one giant man-child. I love coffee and wine and food and cats. Typical, I know. My goal is to love like Lizzy Bennet, fight like Harry Potter, and live like Atticus Finch.

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